Camp Kit List

Be Prepared! but bring flexible kit instead of tonnes of kit!

  • Waterproof jacket
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Walking Boots or stout shoes
  • Wellies
  • Training shoes (for rafting - preferably not new)
  • Woolly hat (also good for keeping warm in bed)
  • At least 2:
    • long-sleeved shirts
    • trousers (avoid jeans)
    • shorts
    • underwear
    • pairs of socks (more if you like!)
    • jumpers
  • Additional Fleece or jumper
  • Warm sleeping clothes

  • Personal medication (must be handed in with health form on arrival)
  • Mug or cup ('unbreakable')
  • Plate and bowl; knife, fork and spoon all in a named bag (shoe or net bags are best)
  • Bin bags for wet clothes
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • Sleeping bag (3 seasons or two sleeping bags, one inside another)
  • Stuff sack or small rucksack for sleeping bag (do not just tie it up in a black bin liner)
  • Roll mat (no air beds as they are too delicate and do not fit in the tents!)
  • Pillow (or just bring an empty pillowcase and stuff some clean clothes into it overnight)
  • Tissues or Handkerchiefs
  • Camp Blanket or blanket
  • Water bottle

Permission Form and Personal Information Form - ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!